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"The sea calls to me" might like this bracelet if you feel like I do, where you physically can't imagine living anywhere that's not by the sea. 

"I carry your heart with me" might like this quote if you have someone who isn't near all day, every day or someone who is no longer on this Earth but you long for them to be near.... still.


These personalized bracelets are brass and are hand stamped with various sayings or I can create a custom one with the text of your choice. Some additional options are:

hope anchors the soul
find your tribe
with brave wings she flies
gently you can shake the world
listen to the surf
not all who wander are lost
I gave you your life but you give me mine

These bracelets have an organic look to them and are made of very sturdy brass. They hook for closure into the top stamped plate.

When checking out, please let me know what you would like stamped on each bangle you purchase. There is a maximum of ~30-35 characters per bracelet. I can do UPPER or lowercase, so please be sure to specify the case you'd prefer. The font is Bridgette stamping font. Additionally, I have a few symbols that can be used: heart, peace sign, swirl, smiley face. If you'd like any of these symbols to be included, please specify when you check out.

PLEASE NOTE: Brass oxidizes very quickly to create a very cool patina that changes over time. Before sending, the bracelet is polished, but over time (can even be less than a week in some cases), the brass will take on a darker hue, which I actually don't mind (you can see in the picture where I'm wearing above). I wear mine all the time without polishing.

Each bangle measures 6" in length and fits most wrists (especially female wrists). 

Brass hand-stamped bracelet

SKU: 100000000
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