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White feather farm

White Feather Farm was undoubtedly built on a dream.  In 2016, we were FORTUNATE enough to meet our farms namesake, Mr. Bill White.  His family had lived and farmed here since the 1940s, so it was beyond a special place for him, one we  feel honored he still calls "home" to this very day.  Bill was the last remaining immediate relative of this beautiful place and in an effort to avoid the remaining 5 acre parcel from becoming developed, we're so very thankful he saw our passion and desire to make this place one that would be cared for and looked after for generations to come.  We knew from the beginning it was unique and we know it won't take long for you to agree.  We’re appreciative of Mr. White's family, committed to our own and hopeful to be a positive impact to yours.  

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